Eliminate Outbreaks within a Facility and Odors in Gear. But, Can It Be Prevented?

March 14, 2016

There’s an outbreak in the locker room and some are worried it will continue to sideline other athletes. The team can’t afford any more cross-contamination and the everyday cleaner used isn’t eliminating the problem. What can help?

Maybe there isn’t an outbreak, but the locker room smells, bad! Not only is it a possible deterrent for new recruits, there is actually science behind that odor in the room and in the athletic gear. Players come in, sit down dripping sweat everywhere, and then hang up all that sweaty gear. To dry the gear quickly some equipment managers turn the heat up and use fans to disperse the air. This warm, wet environment is a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and mildew. The odor smelled is the byproduct of bacterial microbes feeding on the proteins located within sweat. The fans in the room are now spreading these odor causing bacteria around to be shared by everyone. What can help?

One resolution to these problems, which could lead to the other, would be to call a professional decontamination service company like SNB Solutions®. They understand what is needed during an outbreak is a comprehensive 3-step room decontamination. First step is using a strong sterilant by experts who know how to achieve complete kill to assure a safer environment. The sterilant used needs to be reliable, designed to provide 100% Kill against viruses such as norovirus, pseudomonas, salmonella, staphylococcus aureus including MRSA, fungi, herpes, HIV, and other microbes present within athletic facilities, while leaving no toxic residue which means athletes are able to enter the room immediately after service.

Second step, should be a protective coating application to prevent microbial growth. One such product is SPORTSENSE® Protective Coating which was invented by a medical company with over 35 years of infection prevention experience. The SportSense coating is a longer lasting protection that bonds to surfaces and is continuously protected by a patented antimicrobial persistent technology. Applying to surfaces and gear will eliminate odor and provide protection against odor causing bacteria, mold and fungus. 

The final step is to verify the disinfection service. SNB provides a thorough pre- and post-service microbial test report, including a separate MRSA test, verifying the room is truly disinfected. Administration appreciates this report because it provides confirmation the room is completely disinfected and the report substantiates they are providing a safe, clean environment for their athletes.

Vicki Lanka, President of SNB Solutions with 12+ years of experience within the infection prevention industry, works meticulously with chemists and microbiologists to understand the specific needs of the sports industry. Lanka suggests, “The best option is to be as proactive as possible before an outbreak begins. Protection needs to happen from top to bottom. Athletes need to shower and keep their skin clean. They need to cover open wounds and report them to the training staff for evaluation. Beyond that, disinfection and protection of surfaces touched by athletes is a must. Applying SportSense protection on turf, athletic gear, footwear, high-tech fabrics, pads, mats, locker room and weight room surfaces eliminates odor causing bacteria while decreasing the risk of cross-contamination between athletes. Using a product such as SportSense Laundry Additive once every 30 washes on towels and other fabrics doesn’t affect the wicking and breathability of today’s high-tech fabrics, but will help by adding the same protection to the fibers that come in close contact with athletes’ skin.  Essentially, apply on surfaces to prevent odor causing bacterial growth and protect fabrics from staining, discoloration and odor.   

Be like so many other high schools, colleges and professional teams across the country and contact the SNB team to set up a Preventative Maintenance Program or for assistance during an outbreak. Whether it is hiring their service program, or applying SportSense yourselves, either way the team is here to help. 

SportSense | 1-763-238-4809 | www.sportsensespray.com

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