Double Duty

November 2, 2018

Mike Holmes, who serves as Athletic Director of Franciscan University of Steubenville, will also coach the boys' basketball team at Catholic Central HIgh School in Steubenville, Ohio this winter, as reported by The Herald-Star.

“Coaching has always been a passion for me and is an area that obviously I feel I have competence,”Holmes said. “That felt like a little bit of a missing part. Talking to my wife about it, we just felt that it was a call to return to that and try to offer up what gifts I have and help the boys out a little bit.”

In accepting the coaching position, Holmes promised to give his “every effort” to both positions.

“I have always had (multiple positions) from the start,” he said. “The last high school jobs that I had, I was an administrator and, long before that, a teacher. I have always been busy and this has always been a part of my duties. In Maine, prior to coming here, I was the athletic director and the men’s basketball coach. That is really what I have done throughout the years — to balance those things."

Holmes coached high school basketball in Iowa for 19 seasons, starting in 1989, and is looking forward to coaching at the high school level again.

“When I was coaching college, I can remember a conversation with my wife about missing the Friday nights, the smell of popcorn, the people turning out for their high school team,” he said. “It is exciting and a good environment. That is something the kids remember.”


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