Court Goes Black

May 11, 2017

With the announcement of a new athletics logo in March 2016, Doane University continues to work on updating facilities with new branding. Currently, the Haddix Recreation and Athletic Center is getting a makeover on the gymnasium court. With the resurfacing and addition of the new Tiger athletic logo, Doane has embarked on a new look for the court that is sure to draw attention.

Doane will introduce a "blacktop" court for the fall of 2017. It is believed to be the second all-black court in the country at the collegiate level, joining Oakland University. Members of the basketball and volleyball teams were consulted regarding the interest in a new look to the court.

"I'd like to thank Jill McCartney, Joel Weyand, and the rest of the Doane community for helping make this new floor design happen," Men's Basketball Coach Ian McKeithen said. "Doane constantly seeks new ways to be unique in the NAIA. This new "blacktop" floor helps this initiative and gives our already beautiful facility something that no one in the NAIA has! I am very excited for our current players and future Tigers as this floor will be one of the trademarks of our program and for Doane University."

In addition to the new look and logo being added to Bob Erickson Court, Doane's new word mark will be added in the end zone of basketball court along with the hashtag #GoDoane and athletics web site on the sidelines. The signature of Coach Bob Erickson will also remain on the court.

Court surfaces and designs have changed over the years and Doane is not immune to any of those changes. Tiger men's basketball has played in four different home arenas while volleyball and women's basketball have played in two after their sports additions in the early 1970s. Court surfaces have gone from a wood surface to tartan and back to wood depending on the facility. Court designs have become popular in recent years around the country and this will be Doane's first jump into that arena.

"This is an exciting process," Women's Basketball Coach Tracee Fairbanks expressed. "There has been an evolving of gym floors during my years at Doane. First, it was the tartan floor I played on at Fuhrer Field House, which was changed to a wood court while I was a player at Doane. During my coaching tenure, we moved from Fuhrer into the Haddix gym which was a brand new floor to compete on. Now we have a newly stained court that will be one of the first in the region. The design will definitely 'pop' and provide a great new look in our gym. I feel it will be a look that everyone will remember."

Volleyball Coach Gwen Egbert is also excited for the change and the buzz it will create.

"It is exciting to get a unique floor to play on," said Egbert. "We can't wait to take the court for our first match!"

The floor is expected to be completed and ready to use in early June when summer camps begin. The first Doane competition on the new court will be a volleyball match with Hastings College on September 6. Men's Basketball opens their season at home on October 25 against Haskell Indian Nations with the women's basketball team playing their home opener on November 10 versus William Penn University.

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