Complaint Resolved

December 4, 2017

In Wisconsin, the Superior School District has resolved a Title IX complaint after two years. One of the biggest changes is a new artificial turf field for its high school softball team.

According to an article from the Duluth News Tribune, the case documents included allegations of inferior facilities for female student-athletes at Superior High School. 

“I was made aware (in 2014) that some parents of our girls on the softball team were upset that boys’ baseball was getting a new field with the construction of the NBC Spartan Sports Complex,” Janna Stevens, Superior School District Administrator, said.

The Title IX complaint was filed by the spring 2015 season. The Office for Civil Rights responded by asking Superior to conduct a self-assessment and issue a resolution agreement, with a 12-month implementation and monitoring time. Stevens said that working with the OCR on the agreement was a positive process.

"Originally, I assumed the OCR would find us 'guilty or innocent,' and if 'guilty,' we would be provided a list of items to fix," Stevens said. "This was not the case at all."

The school district’s resolution agreement included building a new artificial turf softball field with funding from a bonding referendum in April 2016. 

“The positive part of this process was our softball team obtaining a new turf field right on the Superior High School grounds,” Stevens said. “The district prides itself on providing the best tools possible for staff and students—the turf softball field is one of those tools.”

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