For the Competition

November 27, 2017

Earlier this month, the Osceola (Fla.) High School cross country team organized a fundraiser for its competition, Largo (Fla.) High School. According to Tampa Bay Newspapers, Osceola students came up with the idea after a cross country meet in October.

While talking with other parents, Beth Evans, a parent of an Osceola runner, learned about Largo's financial difficulties, which left its cross-country team unable to pay for travel to meets. When she told her daugher, Amanda, she said even though Largo was her school's competition, she wanted to help them.

“After we found out what happened to them, we wanted to help,” she said. “It’s not fair to the athletes all that money got lost, and it’s not going to hurt us to do something good for another team.”

Danny Lehan, who owns the Village Inn restaurants, promised to donate 20 percent of all sales on one night to Largo High School. In the week before the event, Osceola students spread the word about the event. About $1,300 was raised, which enabled Largo's cross-country team to attend the Apalachee State Park in Tallahassee, have a pizza party at the end of the season, and donate the rest to the booster club.

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