Colgate Suspends Team

September 12, 2017

Colgate University suspended its men's varsity rowing team from the rest of the fall competition and the first spring meet over violating hazing regulations.

According to, the team's actions violated rules against hazing and “high-risk alcohol consumption.” The team will receive education regarding high-risk alcohol use and how to prevent hazing.

Paul J. McLoughlin II, Colgate's vice president and dean of the college, sent an email to the school community, expressing that hazing was illegal, “inimical to Colgate's values,” and not a good way to encourage bonding between team members.

"As recently as last spring and nearly every academic year, colleges and universities report hazing activities on their campuses that have led to student deaths,'' he said. "Whether at Penn State, Clemson, or Cornell, in each case students died as a result of hazing activities, peer pressure, and the rapid consumption of alcohol. These students' lives may have been saved had a peer intervened earlier, spoke up sooner, or exhibited bystander behavior that is well known and encouraged by colleges and universities."

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