Coach Clashes with Parents

February 1, 2018

Last week, Berkley Baker lost his job as Head Softball Coach for Paso Robles (Calif.) High School after a dispute with parents.

According to The Tribune, Baker said that late in the 2017 season, he reported some of his players' misbehavior to the school board, but the board did not take action on it.

“They decided, in my opinion, that they were just going to sweep it under the rug and cover it up, and to me that is a violation of board policy,” Baker told The Tribune.

Baker did not comment on the nature of the misbehavior, but the parents of one of the students on his team said their daughter was accused of bullying other players. 

“To me there are some very serious things that happened,” Baker said. “I felt it was serious enough to put my job on the line to do something about it.”

Some parents accused Baker of “fat shaming” players, giving preferential treatment to those he had coached before, and various other poor decisions.

“(Baker) told my daughter she would have a slim chance of making the team and if she did come back she would be suspended for six weeks for an incident that we were not aware of that happened last season,” one parent told The Tribune.

Nevertheless, Baker expressed optimism for the future, and said he did not think he had been treated unfairly.

“I coached because I enjoyed it,” he said. “There are a lot of kids that I really care about up there, and there are some great kids up there, both in ability to play and character. When things settle down, they should have a really good year.”

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If you are straightforward with young people, they will usually respect you. This is much better than fabricating something on the spot, and your athletes will usually understand and accept this approach.
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