Clemson Goes Small

October 31, 2017

Instead of using one of the large media-rights organizations to broadcast its games, Clemson University has signed a deal with a smaller sports marketing firm. According to the Upstate Business Journal, JMI Sports signed a $68 million marketing rights and multimedia partnership with Clemson for the next seven years.

“We’re actually not building our own brand. We’re building Clemson’s brand,” said Scott Morris, president of Clemson Sports and Campus Marketing for JMI Sports.

Clemson is also increasing its partnership with a local flagship radio station, WCCP 105.5, The Roar. Debra Jones, WCCP's general manager, said Clemson's new partnerships would be better suited to the school than its previous deal with Learfield.

“Clemson was looking for a partner that is very boutique and personalized, but as a national brand,” Jones said. “JMI offers that.”

Ben Milstead, director of operations for WCCP, said having a partnership with a local sports talk station would prove beneficial for both parties.

“It’s solidifying Clemson’s brand with ours,” he said. “It’s just a large part of who we are as a station. We are the only sports talk station in South Carolina that has live, local sports talk 13 hours a day. And the majority of that time is spent on Clemson.”

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