Changes Likely to Basketball Recruiting Calendar

August 2, 2018

The NCAA is expected to pass proopsed rules changes that will significantly change the recruiting calendar for men's basketball. According to an article on CBS Sports, coaches will only have one weekend in July, rather than the current three, to attend sanctioned non-scholastic events. On the other hand, a separate weekend in July will be set aside for camp-style events that will be coordinated by the NCAA, USA Basketball, the NBA, and the NBA Players Association. In addition, June will have two scholastic-sponsored events near the end of the month and will be a travel month for coaches.

"To accommodate opportunities in June, July had to be sacrificed," a source said. "Coaches don't want it (more travel days) and their bosses don't want them out more than they are now.”

Other changes will provide coaches with additional recruiting opportunities in the month of April. In addition to the current evaluations and recruiting trips coaches can take during this month, they would also be able to conduct in-home visits with high school juniors. The rules now prevent in-home visits before a recruit has finished his junior year of high school, making them rare in April.

The NCAA expressed confidence that the new rules will work out, and is unlikely to go back to the previous model of three non-scholastic live tournaments in July. The amendments to the rules are expected to take effect in 2019.

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