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April 25, 2018


As the game of volleyball advances, so must players’ training and drill work. The products profiled in this article offer coaches more effective and efficient practice tools.


Giving Players The Edge

The Edge Pro Volleyball Trainer offers a unique and versatile way to focus on teaching the fundamentals of volleyball. It places the ball in a stationary position, which allows complete focus on player movements.
“As soon as the player hits the ball, a coach can see what areas to focus on,” says Rodney Downing, who originally created the Edge for his daughter. “There’s no fear of mishitting a moving ball, so the coach can work on the mechanics, footwork, and approach. It makes it easier for players to learn and coaches to teach because you can quickly diagnose any problems and isolate the fundamentals.”

The Edge can be used to practice all aspects of the game— spiking, setting, and passing. It can be utilized by both beginning players who are just learning how to spike a volleyball, as well as an experienced setter or libero to refine accuracy and footwork.

Players also enjoy that it is both challenging and fun. The front mounted volleyball net is regulation height and adds a game like feel. “Players like seeing the ball go cleanly into the center of the target,” Downing says. “And for players who work their way up to hitting the ball properly, they enjoy being able to watch their progress. It also provides a good workout, as it’s quick and easy to reload, so players can get lots of reps.”

The unit is lightweight and fully portable—through thumb buttons, it’s easy to fold up for travel and then quickly set up anywhere. At the same time, because it is made of furniture-grade PVC, it is durable. Along with being a staple at practice, players can have a home unit for training on their own.
“Most coaches have limited storage,” says Downing. “That’s why we developed a travel model that takes less than five minutes to break down and store. It can also fit into most cars, which is great for a lot of coaches who practice at different facilities.”

The Edge also has an extra feature, which allows removal of the hitting arm so the trainer can be used anyplace on the court. This allows use of the Target Stand alone for setter training or passing practice. It also opens the door for some exciting new attachments and accessories coming soon!

High-Level Realism

The Volleyball Tutor Black model is new for 2018. It can deliver ball speed up to 85 miles-per-hour, making it ideal for the collegiate level player. The Volleyball Tutor Black has a nearly six-foot-high release point to simulate a real setter. You also get simple-to-use settings for adjusting the speed for each throwing motor, so a coach can easily add any degree of topspin or backspin to serves. A coach can also adjust the angle of throws for serves, perfect sets and even downward for dig drills. The repetition of consistent throws is a huge benefit for a coach during practice, and you get that with the Volleyball Tutor.

Ball machines are valuable to coaches for many reasons. Most notably, you can simulate game conditions better with a ball machine than with any other training aid.

Sports Tutor is a leading manufacturer of ball throwing machines. The company has maintained this position for nearly 30 years thus far.

To learn more about the Volleyball Tutor Black—priced at $1,879—and other models, visit

Precision and Speed

The AirCAT volleyball fully-automatic machine can feed up to 1,200 fast, precise throws per hour. It’s all done by air, so you’ll eliminate ball replacement costs while gaining a whole new array of volleyball drills designed to improve team and/or individual play. Program the AirCAT to perform just about any drill your team or players need: digging, hitting, setting, serve receive, and blocking drills. The AirCAT delivers the safest, game-like high reps for your offensive and defensive drills.

AirCAT’s patented air-driven launching system delivers volleyballs consistently and accurately. With 100 percent precision, every ball is where you want it—exponentially increasing volleyball training efficiency and saving coaches from hitting the thousands of balls a week. With spinning wheels, there is a chance for errors in delivery and damage to the volleyballs.

The team at AirCAT agrees that points scored and games won are important, but building confidence in sports and life takes priority. The company believes that the athlete and the coach who put in time, tears, and sweat through tough times, injury, heartbreaking losses, and grueling training deserve an edge.

That is why the AirCAT was created back in 1999, and that is why the company is here today. The team is pleased to share its full equipment line with you today. At AirCAT, customers come first and that is why the company is obsessed with providing the best equipment design, a full list of high demand product features, and ensuring its machines are made with the highest level of quality.

If you are looking for a versatile, effective, and dependable piece of equipment to improve and extend your volleyball training program, then the AirCAT is for you. Learn more at

The key benefits of the AirCAT are:

• AirCAT “frees” up a coach and allows them to focus on their coaching rather than just tossing balls or feeding balls into a machine
• AirCAT delivers a hard spike and a consistent soft set
• AirCAT provides team training and independent training options
• AirCAT is the safest game-like, high repetition machine because it has no exposed moving parts.

Three Wheel Design Delivers Needed Speed & Spin

“The serves are coming too fast with breaks, especially side spins at all angles, making them frequently impossible to return. In practice I can’t get enough of these serves to train against.” Sports Attack received more and more requests just like this from national teams, colleges, and leading high schools and clubs around the world. In response, the company developed the latest training tool designed especially for high-level volleyball, the Total Attack. This machine answers the new requirements of increased velocity and side spins with an element of vision before and after ball acceleration.

Increased velocity was obtained by adding a third throwing wheel. This wheel increased the wheel-gripping surface on the ball by 50%, reducing ball wear while providing a much higher range of speed. Combined with the release point well above the net, international jump serve speed was easily obtained.

The third wheel meant this new machine could throw serves with any amount of pre-determined side spin (curves) in addition to the traditional drops (top spin) and floaters (no spin). The amount and angle of the break is easily determined by differing wheel speeds. To change spins, the operator only has to turn dials. The chute by which the ball is seen before and through acceleration gives the receiver a very life-like sense of angle of release and timing. This critical feature is found only on this machine.

The game is changing as evidenced by the requests for side spins and more velocity. This innovative training tool will replicate jump serves along with all the other aspects of the game such as setting and digging drills. Now unlimited repetition against the toughest of shots imaginable is available with the Total Attack. Visit for details.

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