Banned Spectator Sues

February 22, 2017

Kevin Fenstermacher, the father of a wrestler for Northampton (Pa.) High School, is suing the Bethlehem Area School District in order to overturn the ban on his attending wrestling competitions at Liberty High School, so that he can watch his son's upcoming district and regional wrestling matches.

According to, on February 6, Harrison Bailey III, principal of Liberty High School, wrote a letter to Fenstermacher, informing him that because of his "offensive behavior" during a match on February 2, Fenstermacher was “no longer welcome” at Liberty High School.

“While I understand that these events can evoke considerable passion and competitive spirit, this must always be tempered with humility and maturity,” Bailey wrote in his letter to Fenstermacher. “I understand that some students were participating in unacceptable and antagonistic behavior. These students were addressed by our athletic director in multiple ways. Regardless of these actions of minors, we expect adults to hold themselves to a higher standard and set the example. Unfortunately, that did not happen at this event.”

The Morning Call reports that Fenstermacher filed a lawsuit against the school district, alleging that he was never warned that his behavior was inappropriate or given the chance to respond to the allegations against him. On Tuesday, the Northampton County Court ordered the district to provide their reasons for banning Fenstermacher from matches.

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