Athletic Fees Return

June 8, 2018

ConVal Regional High School (Peterborough, N.H) is planning to reinstate athletic fees for all its sports, starting this fall.

According to the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript, Gib West, Interim Principal, sent an e-mail on May 24, saying that the school had refrained from charging fees for the past two years, and found that doing so did not affect participation.

“The results were presented to the school board some months ago and, given that there appeared to be no correlation, the determination was made by the school board to resume our prior practice,” West wrote.

Athletic fees range from $25 to $125, based on the sport, with a maximum yearly total fee of of $150 per student-athlete and $225 per family, regardless of how many sports the student-athletes play. The district spent $45,000 per year while the fees were waived.

“This decision is important as these dollars help us support the rising costs of providing athletic programming, managing games, and transportation,” West wrote in the email.

In a school board meeting on August 22, Mark Swayse, Athletic Director, said that suspending fees did affect participation in some seasons. He said that since participation in some sports actually improved after the fees were eliminated, he did not want the fees to be reinstated.

“The key is to look at the percentages because as enrollment has declined, our numbers have actually stayed fairly steady and have increased in some respects,” Swasey said at the meeting, according to an article published in the Ledger-Transcript after the Aug. school board meeting."

David Springfield, Athletic Director for the Jaffrey-Rindge School District, said his district does not charge fees, although he noted that school disticts' policies on this issue could often vary.

“In a perfect world, kids wouldn’t have to pay to play,” Springfield said, although he added that the decision differs from district-to-district.

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