Asking for Civility

October 10, 2018

On Tuesday, Rob Mullens, the University of Oregon's Athletic Director, ran an ad in a local newspaper asking fans to “place a priority on civility” for the school's upcoming game against the University of Washington on Saturday.

KEZI 9 News had recorded Oregon fans throwing things at Stanford University players after the Ducks lost to the Cardinal. KEZI asked Mullens if that incident had led to his placing the ad, but he said this was not the case.

"We just wanted to remind folks that one of the things that makes Autzen great is the way in which we treat one another and treat our visiting fans,” Mullens said.

Cameron Derby, a student, agreed with Mullens.

"Teams consider their fans to be a player on the field a lot of the time," Derby said. "You hear that they're 12th man in a lot of different areas so they should be held accountable just like a player is on the field."

Earl Gosnell, a long-time fan of the Ducks, suggested that fans practice courtesy while cheering on their team.

"Well, if you have manners, when you clap, you're a little bit restrained because you're considerate of people around you," Gosnell said. "That's just part of old fashioned manners and it doesn't mean you're not for the team. It's just that you have manners and are considerate of those around you."

Mullens briefly discussed the security plan for Saturday's game.

“Every single week,we have a plan and we have a debrief,” Mullens said. “We have outstanding staff, outstanding partners who obviously understand what is is to make sure that we have a friendly environment and those folks will continue to do a great job and adjust where needed.”


From New World Of Coaching
If you are straightforward with young people, they will usually respect you. This is much better than fabricating something on the spot, and your athletes will usually understand and accept this approach.
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