Functionwear LLC

For the first time, athletes can train sport and position-specific movements under no-impact resistance with total freedom of movement: pure functional resistance training. Whether in the gym or on the court or field, athletes can train ANY movement at ANY speed ANYWHERE under no-impact resistance. No more being anchored to a platform or wall, or being held by a teammate or coach. Eliminate the training inefficiencies of sharing equipment and tandem training. Now everyone can train at once, getting more out of each session. WearBands create zero additional impact for a more body-friendly dynamic resistance workout. Athletes improve speed, agility, jumping, strength and functional endurance. By placing the core to foot under full-time muscle engagement, the core is fully engaged through every athlete movement. Coordinated movement is improved through training sport and position-specific movement under fluid resistance, and by the neuromuscular feedback that ensues. The same principles behind much dynamic functional resistance training are applied, but now the athlete can move in a completely unrestricted way. Now being used by dozens of pro athletes across sports as diverse as football, baseball, basketball, MMA, volleyball, tennis, track and field, speed skating and even surfing, the system has applications for ANY sport. The system can be worn with any shoe, and even no shoes at all (popular with mma, volleyball and swimming…..yes, it can be worn in the water). And because the system is hands-free, athletes can practice ball skills while simultaneously using WearBands. Applications include on-field/court speed & agility drills (ladders, cones, hurdles, etc.), agility drills with ball handling (football throw/catch, basketball dribbling/ rebounding/passing, volleyball setting/spiking, etc.), conditioning drills and plyometrics, and the system can also be added to free weight lifting to add accommodating resistance to increase muscle activation and further challenge the stabilizer muscles. There is no more versatile, lightweight, easily transportable functional resistance system on the market today than WearBands, and it is being discovered by more and more elite athletes and their trainers every day.

What People Are Saying

“There’s nothing else in the market that creates the stability all the way from your feet to your hips.  You can take the equipment and be able to do whatever kind of training you want wherever you want, whether it be in the mountains, on the beach, in the gym and do any kind of football drills you want in them.  It takes any workout and makes it twice as hard.” 

  - NFL starting defensive lineman


“Wearing bands has not only been great add to my training regime but it is a crucial part of it. The resistance the bands provide during certain parts of my running mechanics allows me to recruit muscles fibers I’ve been unable to do before. I enjoy training with the wear band system and I highly recommend it.” — Moises Joseph, 2x Olympian 800MM


“This system has helped my conditioning for Obstacle Course Racing.  The best part is feeling critical core muscles engage and receiving higher intensity during training, developing strength in motion.”  — Professional Obstacle Course Racer