Coach to Player Helmet Communications
GSC's Coach to Player™ (C2P) Helmet Systems have been providing professional football trusted, clear and critical communications for years. GSC has now developed technology specifically for other football levels that is nearly ONE HALF the size and weight of the original product without sacrificing our performance reputation or ease of use for the customer. College and High School programs are utilizing C2P with communication to quarterbacks, linebackers and specific position groups. C2P systems are fully customizable to meet staff/player requirements and have the flexibility to accommodate a different player and/or position group. GSC’s Coach to Player Helmet Systems are unlike any other practice tool. Initially, a few teams weren’t sure how they would incorporate into practice, now they don’t know how they functioned without. The best aspect is no two teams use it exactly the same and the possibilities are endless. C2P systems develop players quicker and maximizes each minute of practice. Hear to Win®!