March 13, 2019
With the shocking news about "Operation Varsity Blues" this week and the allegations against certain college coaches who have been implicated in the scandal, it's a time when many college athletic directors and administrators are analyzing their operations to safeguard against a similar situation occurring on their campaus. Two litigators from the law firm Lightfoot, Franklin & White, which has a prominent NCAA compliance practice and a white-collar defense group that has helped well-known... more
March 10, 2019
More than ever before high school athletic departments are needing to consider outside sources for generating funds to operate their athletic teams and operations. Developing sponsorship and marketing programs for businesses and corporations is an obvious path to take, There are many directions an athletic director can take to solicit sponsors, and it's critical that you create a detailed plan first. You have a lot of sources within your community that can help craft a successful sponsorship... more
March 9, 2019
Proper care of helmets, is imperative to the safety and success of the athlete, and the proper fitting of helmets is a large part of ensuring the safety of the athletes who wear them. Preston “Stick” Rogers, E.M.,C, Director of Football Equipment Operations at Mississippi State University, offers advice for properly fitting your athletes with helmets. Rogers provided these tips in an article for AEMA Journal, a publication produced by the Athletic Equipment Managers Association. The purpose of... more
Progressive Programs
March 9, 2019
Athletic departments and associations around the country are taking steps to fight to trend of sport specialization among high school athletes. Prescott High School in Arizona created a program in which any student-athlete who participates in a sport in all three seasons of the school year will receive a T-shirt and a pass for all the school’s athletic events for next season. An article detailing the program in the Prescott Daily Courier. Prescott Athletic Director Missy Townsend wrote an... more
March 9, 2019
By Meg Seng Consider for a moment your approach to hiring a head coach. You probably post the position through your human resources office, as required by school policies. However, this channel doesn’t often produce a bona fide pool of applicants. Sometimes it doesn’t produce any candidates at all! So, as athletic administrators, most of us have learned to be proactive. We develop and use our own networks to find coaches. This is a tried and true solution with one big shortcoming—we tend to... more
Progressive Programs
March 8, 2019
Like many other school districts nationwide, the one in Greeley-Evans, Colo., is experiencing a troubling trend in its athletics program. While middle school sports participation is robust, the numbers drop significantly at the high school level. Unlike many other districts, though, Greeley-Evans is working hard to uncover the causes of the problem and find solutions. Over the past year, Robert Billings, District Athletic Director, has spearheaded an effort that includes discussions, surveys,... more