Student-Athlete Welfare
March 20, 2019
By Dr. David Hoch, CMAA, CIC There is an often-used expression in high school athletics that athletic administrators are the coaches of coaches and this is right on the mark. In this role, it is important to provide guidance and help with respect to coaches having conversations or meetings with parents about problems or their concerns. These types of interactions with parents can often be tricky, delicate and occasionally difficult. The following are some suggestions that you should share with... more
March 18, 2019
The average professional spends 15 hours a week in meetings. If they are not managed properly, meetings can get you off track in performing your primary duties—not to mention that it will do the same thing to your staff. Here are tips for making the most of your meetings—and preventing them from being a time drain. In a presentation, at the 2017 National Athletic Directors Conference in Phoenix, Scott J Smith, PhD, CAA Director of the Master's in Athletic Administration Program at Ohio... more
March 16, 2019
By Amy Bryant Like many other athletic departments, we recently created a new tagline at Emory University to denote achievement: FLY HIGHER. It taps into our eagle mascot and our long history of being a top NCAA Division III program. But beyond the catchy wording, its meaning goes a lot deeper. Two years ago, Emory athletics committed to fostering a culture of integrity through a series of new programs. We have always strived to promote ethics through athletics, but we wanted to take it to a... more
March 16, 2019
Being an athletic director is not a job for the weary. Those in the field know how rewarding the profession is, but that specific skills and traits are required to enjoying a successful career in athletic administration. An article on the Sports Management Degree Guide website, looks at five desired characteristics for serving as an athletic director: • Excellent Analytical and Budgeting Capabilities In today's climate and challenges facing athletic departments at both the high school and... more
March 14, 2019
"A dumpster fire." Those are the words Mark Ingram uses to describe the situation at the University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB) when he was interviewing for the Athletic Director position in April 2015. Over the previous six months, the school had dropped football, then announced it might bring it back. Uncertainty and instability were engulfing the athletic department. Undaunted, Ingram took the job—it would be his first time leading an athletic department, but he had experience in both... more
Progressive Programs
March 13, 2019
Note: This is the second part of a series on Hiring Female Coaches within your athletic department.  The first article focused on the importance of having women well-represented on your coaching staff. by Meg Seng Even when we know that having both men and women coaching our student-athletes is important, many of us run up against constraints, not the least of which is time. Let’s go back to our approach for hiring head coaches. After posting the position and not getting many applicants, we... more