January 29, 2015
On Jan. 17, the NCAA voted to give schools in the Power Five conferences the authority to provide additional benefits to student-athletes, including covering the full cost of attendance within athletic scholarships. For many of those schools, however, the passing of the legislation represents a big first step into a great unknown. According to an article in USA Today, the key takeaways from the NCAA's decision include: The resolutions to "modernize" the college model and cover full cost of... more
January 29, 2015
For most high schools, rebranding a struggling athletic department is a challenge. But Sunnyside High School in Washington has a vision for its teams and plans to see it through. What makes them so confident they can pull it off? Success turning around the school's academic reputation.According to a recent article in the Daily Sun News: The school will hold a forum on February 3 to seek community input on improving the school's athletic department. The school's vision is that "100 percent of... more
October 29, 2007
Is it okay for coaches to pray with their team? Can you question an athlete about his or her religious beliefs? What if pregame rituals have a religious component? Today's athletic director must be well-versed on the fine line separating church and state. By Greg Scholand Greg Scholand is an Assistant Editor at Athletic Management. He can be reached at: [email protected] If anyone in East Brunswick, N.J., wondered whether a coach praying with his team could be a hot-button issue, they don't... more
August 21, 2000
Finding and developing a great catcher means working with this player in some unique ways. The key is to cultivate both his athleticism and leadership skills at the same time. Coaching Management, 8.1, February 2000 By Dennis Read Dennis Read is an Assistant Editor at Coaching Management. Gary Rungo knows how lucky he’s been. For the past four seasons, Rungo, the Head Coach at Arlington High School in Riverside, Calif., was able to pencil in one name at catcher: first-team All-American Ryan... more