March 25, 2019
High School athletic directors wear many hats, and one of the hats is for an area that's becoming more and more important: Attracting local businesses to sponsor your athletic programs. After you've identified a potential sponsor, the next step is to create a sponsorship package that you can present to the company. Here are tips for writing the proposal. In an article on, Brenda Barron suggests that you start the proposal with a profile of your team or athletic department. List the... more
March 24, 2019
Before they develop their first practice plan, coaches should know exactly what they are expected to achieve. Athletic directors need to make it clear to their coaches how they will be evaluated.  Philip J. Willenbrock, EdD, Athletic Director at the Evergreen Campus, a high school within Highline Public Schools near Seattle, Wash., wrote about a system that he developed for his coaches in an article for Athletic Management. Dr. Willenbrock noted that many school districts have adopted rubrics... more
Event Management
March 23, 2019
  Note: This is the first of a three-part article. By David Stern and Nicole Sorce The scene was Hoover High School, in Des Moines, Iowa, on the evening of Sept. 7, 2108, but it could have been almost anywhere in America. A Friday night football game was underway as part of homecoming weekend. There would be a school dance the following night in the gym. And a tight battle on the field was keeping community members fully engaged—Hoover was beating Des Moines North High School 21-18 with 2:15... more
March 23, 2019
  Sometimes, the truest of successes cannot be measured. Try telling that to Gina Maher, Head Girls’ Basketball Coach at Irvington (N.Y.) High School, who this season achieved her 700th career win, an unprecedented total for New York State Athletic Association girls’ basketball. Mayer may laugh, but her student-athletes would agree that 700 is just a number in regards to their beloved coach, who also boasts five state championships, 18 sectional titles, and 22 league titles on her resume. “... more
March 21, 2019
Note: This is the third part of a series on Hiring Female Coaches within your athletic department.  The first article focused on the importance of having women well-represented on your coaching staff.  The second article focused on revamping the hiring process to attract female coaching candidates. by Meg Seng Remember your own first coaching position? Odds are, you were mentored by someone you respected and this person made a difference in your decision to continue coaching. Once you’ve found... more
March 20, 2019
Note: This is the second part of a series on the Emory University Athletics' Fly High program.  The first article focused on program as it relates to the Emory coaches and other atlhetic dpartment staff. This article focuses on the initiative from the student-athlete perspective.   By Amy Bryant Along with coaches discussing ethics and integrity, at Emory University we wanted our student-athletes to do the same. Therefore, Locker Room Talks also occur at the Emory athletic department's Student... more