Event Management
February 6, 2018
The University of North Florida has suspended student tailgating for the rest of the semester. According to Spinnaker, Lee Moon, Director of Athletics, said the university would not support tailgating until it was sure that it could enforce rules relating to underage drinking. Officially, the school's athletics website says people must obey state and local alcohol laws, and act “in a manner that is respectful of the nature and character of the University” while at UNF sporting events. “All we... more
Company News
February 6, 2018
Texon Athletic Towel and Supply offers the Patented Alligator Clip Laundry Strap. Over 90% of Power 5 schools are utilizing this laundry strap for their laundry needs. It is offered in 26 colors and a single or double clip option for holding socks. Each strap comes with a standard ID tag for writing on with a sharpie. Their custom sublimation tags offer the school logo and number runs or names.  An Equipment Manager from an Atlantic Coast Conference school said, "We saved over 600 pairs of... more
Company News
February 6, 2018
Sports Psychologist Dr. Robert Troutwine, developer of the preeminent Troutwine Athletic Profile (TAP) assessment, has spent 30-plus years working with pro teams in selecting, coaching, and developing athletes for peak mental performance. Analysis of the tens-of-thousands of elite athletes Dr. Troutwine profiled has proven, over and over again, that strong mental intangibles are tied to performance and overall success.   Society has changed and athletes are harder than ever to coach, leading... more
February 6, 2018
Wilmington University Vice President of Student Affairs and Alumni Relations Dr. Tina Barksdale is pleased to announce the hiring of Dr. Stefanie Whitby as the next Director of Athletics. Dr. Whitby replaces Dr. Linda Van Drie-Andrzjewski who was the head of the department since 2011. Dr. Van Drie-Andrzjewski was promoted within the University and is now the Executive Director of Title IX, Cleary Act, and Regulatory Affairs. The new Director of Athletics has been a part of the Wildcat family... more
Legal Issues
February 5, 2018
Edinboro University of Pennsylvania is being sued by its women’s volleyball coach, Melissa Soboleski, for gender-based pay disparity. The lawsuit also claims the university retaliated against Soboleski after she brought up the pay disparity. According to, the university’s “Tier 1” sports include men’s and women’s basketball, wrestling, and women’s volleyball. In 2016, the difference between Soboleski’s salary and the lowest-paid male Tier 1 coach was more than $10,000. According to... more
February 2, 2018
Two North Carolina high school girls' basketball teams, Granville Central and J.F. Webb, are no longer eligible for their state's playoffs after a brawl between their two teams and some spectators at a game on January 26. According to The News & Observer, Stan Winborne, Public Information Officer for Granville County Schools, said the game was not completed, and both teams forfeited. Under North Carolina High School Athletic Association rules, teams are eliminated when three players are... more


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