April 12, 2018
Fairleigh Dickinson University's Florham Campus has named Jenn Noon the next athletic director of its Division III athletics department, effective Friday, June 1.   "Jenn will be taking over the reigns of FDU-Florham athletics during a period of strategic change at the University, which will include significant improvements to athletic facilities and higher expectations for both men's and women's sports," said University President Christopher Capuano. "I am confident that Jenn possesses the... more
April 12, 2018
Locker rooms often become the athletes' home away from home. Doesn't it make sense to ensure these critical areas are as comfortable and safe as possible?    To help do this, is introducing open-access lockers, gear lockers, and cell phone storage lockers as well as a new product line designed to create a safe and inclusive locker room environment. They also have added new ADA-accessible locker room benches, five-foot-high vented metal lockers, and 18-inch-wide standard lockers.   ... more
April 11, 2018
Jermaine Holtz, who was dismissed as Director of the Academic Support Program for Athletes at North Carolina State University in 2015, is suing the school. According to wralSPORTSfan, Holtz alleges that the athletic leadership retaliated against him for raising concerns about their hiring Christine Lutz, the daughter of associate basketball coach Bobby Lutz as an athletic tutor, which he cited as a conflict of interest. He also alleges that the leadership retaliated against him for an e-mail... more
Company News
April 11, 2018
The new commercial-grade Premira(R) Large Floor Mop saves time by covering a greater area at one time with uniform pressure. Constructed of lightweight, yet heavy-duty aluminum, this 48-inch mop features a flexible, pivoting head that allows for maximum maneuverability, even for hard to reach areas like under gym equipment, locker room benches, and gymnasium bleachers. The ergonomically-friendly telescoping handle is retractable, increasing functionality and comfort for the user.   When used... more
April 11, 2018
Custom uniforms are all the rage. After all, it’s nice to have your own unique look and style. This can even apply week to week as teams at the highest levels have an impressive array of shirts, pants, helmets, and shoes they can mix and match in unique combinations for each game. While this can be hard to afford at lower levels, Brent’s Uniform Factory has an easy and cost-effective solution for teams that want to change things up whether as a one-time deal or each week—custom socks. With... more
High School News
April 10, 2018
As Minnesota deals with an exceptionally cold spring this year, high school sports teams have been forced to adjust to the cold weather and snow preventing them from playing outdoors. According to the Star Tribune, many schools have been forced to modify their schedules. Jeff Wollin, who coaches baseball at Litchfield High School, said the weather was unprecedented. “Having been a head coach in Minnesota for 29 years, I feel like I’ve seen just about everything,” Wollin said. “I can’t remember... more


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