June 5, 2018
Marilyn McNeil MONMOUTH UNIVERSITY Monmouth University may not have the same deep pockets or big-time reputation as some of its NCAA Division I counterparts, but that hasn’t stopped Marilyn McNeil from bringing success to the small campus on the New Jersey Shore. Since becoming Athletic Director in 1994, she has guided the athletic program to ongoing achievements and been recognized as a leader by her peers. In 2010, Monmouth added Vice President to her title... more
June 5, 2018
By the end of the basketball season, John Beilein was heralded as a masterful coach, having led the University of Michigan to the NCAA Division I men’s national championship game. Before the season started, however, he was lauded in a very different way. Last summer, CBS Sports proclaimed Beilein the cleanest basketball coach in NCAA Division I, as judged by his peers. The network’s reporters asked more than 100 D-I basketball coaches, from the leaders of elite programs to assistants at smaller... more
High School News
June 5, 2018
This spring, coaches at Madison (Neb.) High School did not hold preseason parents meetings. Instead, they talked to parents one-on-one in their own homes.                                                                                                            With the major employer in Madison being a pork processing plant, many residents are Hispanic immigrants, and Athletic Director Reid Ehrisman believed the home visits would be an effective way to build bridges in the community. “I’m big... more
Strength and Conditioning
June 5, 2018
Motivating football players during offseason training can be an uphill battle, as the workouts can start to feel monotonous. Linton-Stockton (Ind.) High School has found a unique remedy—the awarding of blue facemasks to players who reach ambitious strength and conditioning goals.                                                      The idea was put into place in 1997 under then-Head Coach Rick Wellington, and it has evolved since then. Throughout the years, earning the blue facemask, which... more
June 5, 2018
At Bettendorf (Iowa) High School, Head Volleyball Coach Diane Lichtenberg has led her squad to two state titles and 27 straight winning seasons. One of the ways she gets the most out of players is through journaling.                                                                                                                                                          Each season, Lichtenberg hands out a composition notebook to each team member, in which the player writes down her thoughts,... more
June 5, 2018
For college football coaches, there may be no resource more valuable than time. Whether it’s precious seconds at the end of a game or the chance to talk with one more prospective player, coaches are constantly looking to stretch the clock. Ben Weiss has found a way to help them do just that—at least when it comes to recruiting. A 2017 graduate of Northwestern University, Weiss is the Founder of Zcruit, a sports analytics company that identifies if potential student-athletes are likely to commit... more


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