April 18, 2019
  By Jean-Paul Grice  Director, OES [email protected]   As popularity of LED video has grown, so has the number of video display products. The amount of display options, technical language and costs involved can be overwhelming. It can leave buyers wondering how they know they’re investing in a quality product. This is where the expertise of a company providing the video display can make a significant difference. Understand where quality stand out There are many factors important... more
April 18, 2019
What is the biggest problem for any athletic director working to achieve a game-day vision? Price. It happens all the time when discussing equipment needs with athletic directors – the energy is high, snow balling from one idea to the next. Then when it comes to cost of the scoreboards, audio, and video equipment that’s needed to achieve their vision, it quickly turns from a discussion of “what do I want” to “what can I afford”. As you can expect, that’s a very different vision, with far less... more
April 16, 2019
  More students at high schools and colleges are using anti-anxiety medications or dealing with a form of depression than ever before. And the world of high school athletics is certainly not immune to the issue of mental health issues. • About one quarter of college athletes participating in a 2016 study reported "clinically relevant" levels of depressive symptom. • A study in 2014 revealed that almost 85 percent of certified athletic trainers believe anxiety disorders are current issues with... more
April 16, 2019
For many athletic administrators, this is the time of the year to prepare budgets. Here are tips to take into account if you are in the process of submitting your deparatment's budget the new fiscal year. An article on the Ohio University Online Master of Athletic Administration website provides the following tips: When are membership fees/dues, fundraising, and donations coming in? Forecast the timeframe for when revenue from various ventures will come in by making a calendar. It will take... more
April 15, 2019
Looking for a different type of fundraiser for your athletic team or athletic department? Consider conducting a Cake Auction. Muscatine High School in Iowa holds an annual Cake Auction, which Athletic Director Mike Morgan described in an article on the in the following manner: “Until you experience it the first time, you don’t fully understand it.” Morgan attributed the inspiration for the MHS Cake Auction to a similar event the Muskie basketball team saw at North Scott... more
April 13, 2019
  If only coaches could only focus on teaching the fundamentals of their sport to their athletes, scouting and developing a gameplan for opponents, and making decisions on strategy and player motivation during competition. Unfortunately, there's much more to coaching than this, especially in today's world of college and high school athletics.  Athletic Directors understand this, and that's why most have created a Coaches Handbook that they update and go over with their coaches before the start... more