June 8, 2018
The University of Alaska Anchorage is pleased to announce the hiring of Greg Myford as Director of Athletics. "Greg is accomplished in shaping programs for success, adapting to where athletics is going, and his wealth of experience in promotion, marketing and fundraising will be critical to shaping our Seawolf future,” said Samuel B. Gingerich, UAA interim chancellor. “Collegiate athletics has become a very marketing-focused, market-driven enterprise and he has the expertise and competitive... more
High School News
June 7, 2018
PlayVS, a startup that is helping esports get started at the high school level, recently received $15 million in funding. According to TechCrunch, PlayVS, founded by Delane Parnell, first launched in April, and partnered with the NFHS to help establish esports infrastructure. PlayVS has created a website that handles scheduling, organizing the league, maintaining leaderboards and other functions related to esports. PlayVS plans on using the funding to expand their product, eventually going into... more
June 7, 2018
The first baseball pitching machines were arm machines. The strength of this design was in providing some level of vision and timing. The weaknesses were that it was limited to only fastballs, completely immobile, and carried a concern for safety.  The innovation of the wheel machine brought with it the ability to throw curve balls as the ultimate feature, but they required awkward and time-consuming adjustments in order to change the type of pitch. Because they lacked the all important vision... more
Student-Athlete Welfare
June 7, 2018
The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference's policy to allow athletes to compete as the gender they identify as has resulted in some controversy, including petitions to change the rule. According to the Hartford Courant, CIAC policy follows the state statute, which defines one's gender based on gender identity and not biological sex, as long as the gender identity is verified, and not used to gain an unfair advantage in sports. Bianca Stanescu, whose daughter, Selina Soule, is a... more
June 7, 2018
Dr. William B. Bynum Jr., president of Jackson State University, has named Ashley Robinson as JSU’s new vice president and director of athletics. He will begin on July 1. “We are excited to welcome Ashley to the team at Jackson State,” said Dr. Bynum. “This is a great day in the history of JSU and athletics. Ashley’s breadth of experience with compliance, fundraising and building championship programs are the qualities that made him my first choice. We are looking forward to the success he will... more
Legal Issues
June 6, 2018
A complaint against Oregon State University makes allegations that the university is violating Title IX. According to the complaint, OSU doesn’t pass the first round of the three-prong test for complying with Title IX qualifications due to alleged misreporting on participation levels. An article from The Daily Barometer reports that in order to meet the first prong’s requirements, there must be a substantial and statistically proportional sport opportunities for students based on the school’s... more


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