April 23, 2019
  Gone are the days when there were only scoreboards for keeping score and gaining the attention of fans. With video displays, schools can now do so much more at their games. From engaging fans to raising revenue to providing learning opportunities for students, video display boards provide a number of benefits to athletic departments. Enhancing the Experience Perhaps the most obvious advantage of having a video display at your athletic facility is that it creates a more exciting atmosphere for... more
April 22, 2019
  The topic of whether high schools should be required to employ a full-time athletic trainer—and how to fund it—is an issue that's been discussed by athletic directors, athletic trainers and athletic administrators for many years now. A two-part article on the Portland Tribute website (part one here and part two here) discussed this subject in relation to Oregon schools, and it raised many good points as to why this is such a difficult issue to solve. It also includes options that officials in... more
April 22, 2019
  April is National Lawn Care Month, and for obvious reason—for many parts of the country, it's first time that lawns need to be mowed and fertilized. This is also a key month for the mowing of sports fields. An article on the Cornell University Sports Field Management division provides the following tips for mowing your playing field not only this month, but also throughout the spring and summer. Proper mowing height The proper height is determined by several factors, such as: grass species... more
April 22, 2019
  Very soon the school sports season will be over, and the long summer break begins. It's obviously the most dormant period for college and high school athletics. The summer is hardly a time to take a break in adding content to your athletic department website. If you stop putting new copy and images on your site, and promoting the new content through social media, you are wiping out any growth that your site achieved during this school year and will be working in the fall to regain what you've... more
April 20, 2019
By Dr. David Hoch, CMAA, CIC Many leagues or conferences generate schedules for their member schools and some athletic administrators may actually contribute to a group effort to design the total league schedule. Beyond the league schedule and within the state-wide limits on games for each sport, you may also have the opportunity to add a few non-league contests. Instead of taking the first call that you get in order to fill these open dates, there are a few things that you should initially... more
April 19, 2019
  It’s not often a crowd of sports fans fall silent, but when they do you know something magical is about to happen. On Opening Day in 2018 for the Danville Dans, a collegiate summer team in Danville, Ill., fans didn’t make a peep when they got their first look at the new, Watchfire 16mm video display. As the display, engineered with a faster refresh rate for sports came to life, music began to swell. A pinpoint light on the video board began to grow and expand until it burst into an explosion... more