July 13, 2017
Women Leaders in College Sports announced that it has opened applications for a brand-new program that will fund three scholarships for women who are employed at historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). Each scholarship will cover one year of Women Leaders membership, and one registration and accompanying travel costs to the 2017 Women Leaders Convention in Dallas. The goal of the HBCU scholarship program will be to extend the best-in-class leadership programming and career... more
Legal Issues
July 12, 2017
As a compromise in a dispute between Damascus (Md.) High School and Georgia Tech, a water tower will be adorned with a D instead of a Swarmin' Hornet mascot. According to The Washington Post, Victor Furnnells worked for seven years to convince the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission to paint a hornet on the water tower, along with raising money to do so. When Damascus High School contacted Georgia Tech, they learned that using a hornet would violate an agreement between Montgomery County... more
High School News
July 12, 2017
In an effort to further promote safety, Rutherford (Tenn.) County Schools has created positions for five safety coaches, who give advice to other coaches regarding how best to promote safety in athletics. According to the Daily News Journal, the five safety coaches are Julie Atkin, assistant principal for Rock Springs; Mark Gonyea, assistant principal for Smyrna Primary; Ed Pass, a teacher at Siegel; Patrick Stoker, a teacher at La Vergne; and Greg Wyant, athletic director for Siegel, all of... more
Strategic Planning
July 11, 2017
Lewis University Director of Athletics Dr. John Planek announced on Monday the addition of women's bowling and women's lacrosse to the NCAA Division II offerings of the Flyer Athletics Department, beginning in 2018-19. The addition of these two teams increases Lewis' scholarship sport offerings from 20 to 22. Since 1980, Lewis has competed as one of 15 current member institutions of the Great Lakes Valley Conference. "We are very excited to announce the addition of these sports," Planek said. "... more
Web Exclusives
July 10, 2017
A recent survey showed that many high school coaches in Alabama believe recruiting is common. In fact, more than 75 percent said they felt recruiting is widespread in the state, though this view isn’t held by everyone. “If a player changes schools, the perception is, ‘He must be recruited,’” Fred Yancey, head football coach at Briarwood Christian School (Birmingham, Ala.) told “I don’t buy that. Maybe I’m naïve. The coaches I know, they don’t recruit.” The majority of coaches who... more
July 10, 2017
Temple Independent School District in Texas is providing student-athletes with guidance on how to plan their academic futures. According to, Scott Stewart, Temple's athletic director, said that not having a plan or an understanding of the importance of one's academic performance will have consequences for student-athletes in the future. “I’ve got a kid, could be playing TCU (Texas Christian University), right now he’s going to Navarro (College, a two-year school),” Stewart said. “... more