May 19, 2019
Thriving as a high school athletic director is a challenge these days, as illustrated by low retention rates. Solutions include connecting with others, starting with student-athletes. The following article originally appeared in the April/May 2015 issue of Athletic Management. By Kevin Bryant Kevin Bryant, CMAA, is the founder of Thrive Athletic Consulting, LLC, a company focused on assisting, encouraging, and challenging high school athletic administrators to be the best they can. He is... more
May 18, 2019
  Looking to get more students involved in athletics, Deerfield (Ill.) High School started Team DSI, which serves as a sports information department for the school. The following article originally appeared in the April/May 2015 issue of Athletic Management. By Robert Ruiz Robert Ruiz, CMAA, is the Athletic Director at Deerfield (Ill.) High School. He has served on the Executive Board of the Illinois Athletic Directors Association and can be reached at: [email protected] As athletic... more
May 14, 2019
This article is an adpated version of an article that appeared in the August/September 2015 issue of Athletic Management.   As Director of Athletics at a prominent Division I University, Chris Del Conte’s plate is piled high with strategizing and making far-reaching decisions. Like most NCAA Division I leaders, his days entail high-level meetings and charting the next, best path. But Del Conte, currently the Director of Athletics at the University of Texas, has been seen in the head-down,... more
May 13, 2019
  AEON LED, a division of HyLite LED Lighting, focuses on innovation in the Sports Lighting sector. Based out of 78,000 Sq. ft. facility in Fort Mill, South Carolina, AEON is committed to providing customers with the revolutionary Energy-Efficient Luminaires for Municipal, High School, Collegiate, Recreational and Professional Sports. Although each sport has fundamental differences, there is one critical component that is the foundation of any Sport: Quality of Light. From local tennis courts... more
May 13, 2019
  by David Stern Lighting an athletic facility might seem simple—you flip a switch, the lights come on, everyone’s happy, end of story—but providing an outstanding experience for your athletes and fans is a little more complex. If lighting is dull, uneven, or leads to intense glare, it can be difficult to follow the action, which is upsetting for spectators and potentially dangerous for athletes. In addition, lighting that works well for a sporting event might not be ideal for other types of... more
May 12, 2019
Stress among athletes is prevalent in all level of sports, and it seems to be on the rise—including at the high school level. In an interview on the Social Brain Blog, Dr. Steve Graef, a counseling sports and performance psychologist at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center who works with intercollegiate athletes, provides insights on why there seem to be more stressed athletes than ever before. “I think the demands that are placed on athletes today are greater than they have been... more