July 18, 2019
Coach & Athletic Director magazine, owned by award-winning B2B publisher Great American Media Services, has acquired three prominent sports industry magazines previously owned by MomentumMedia – Coaching Management, Athletic Management and Training & Conditioning. The acquisition will position Great American Media Services’ Sports Group as a dominant force in providing engaging, timely and relevant content for coaches, athletic directors and athletic trainers nationwide. “With a... more
May 27, 2019
Athletic directors are regularly called on to extinguish problems, large and small. This author does so with clearly articulated rules and strong facilitation skills.   Note: The following article first appeared in the October/November 2015 issue of Athletic Management. By Susan Robbins Susan Robbins, CMAA, is Athletic Director at Yarmouth (Maine) High School. She has been honored by the NIAAA with a Distinguished Service Award and can be reached at: [email protected] Whether... more
May 27, 2019
  By Dr. David Hoch, CMAA, CIC It is essential to maximize every available minute to in order to be thoroughly prepared.  You can’t afford to waste any time and there is only one answer if you want to reach your full potential as an administrator or coach.  You have to plan and organize down to the smallest details. The following suggestions will help you with this difficult and sometimes overwhelming task of planning and organization. Prioritize and determine what is essential, the bare... more
May 27, 2019
  By Dr. David Hoch, CMAA, CIC Around the country, there are various ways in which school districts construct the athletic administrator’s position.  In some areas, an individual serves as an assistant principal, and also has the title and responsibilities of athletic director.  This is quite common.  Obviously, it would be ideal for someone to simply be the fulltime leader of the athletic program. It is also possible that someone might serve as the head coach of a sport and also fill the... more
Web Exclusives
May 21, 2019
Note: this is an updated version of an article first appearing on in 2015.   While parents are an important piece of a successful athletic department, overly involved parents can be a headache when it comes to their children's playing time. Many of their complaints can be avoided by having coaches develop strategies to deal with them before a problem arises, as detailed by high school baseball coaches in a recent issue of our sister publication, Coaching Management. “If I... more
May 19, 2019
This article is an updated version that appeared earlier on By Jay Watts Jay Watts, III, CMAA, is the Director of Athletics at Girls Prepatory School in Chattanooga, TN. He was winner of the 2012-13 MaxPreps Cup for overall athletic excellence. He has a website containing opinions and commentary for high school athletic administrators, and you can follow him on twitter: @gamedayEveryday. Finding qualified individuals to coach high school sports is getting tougher and... more