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Get Customized Equipment JDesigned to Last
aypro Sports has been trusted for decades as a leading authority for institutional sports equipment. The company believes
its ability to recognize market trends and meet the demands of athletic programs has always been a key to their success. In 2018, this tradition continues as Jaypro Sports recognizes the explosive growth of product customization and the importance of athletic equipment designed to perform and manufactured to last.
A notable example is the TitanTM CVX Series that exemplifies the best in outdoor adjustable basketball systems. Built to survive the elements and endure the most rigorous game play on any court, these powerful systems keep the athlete in mind with a clear view shot design and lift assist technology.
The newest addition to the Jaypro Sports product family is the MercuryTM Beach Volleyball System. This competition level system is available in aluminum or carbon to withstand the harshest of shoreline elements. It also sports the new MercuryTM
New for 2018:
The MercuryTM Beach Volleyball system with the new MercuryTM Beach Volleyball net and available Beach Volleyball referee stand.
Beach Volleyball Net and can be paired with the company’s new Beach Volleyball Referee Stand.
In 2018, Jaypro Sports is also meeting demands in the athletic world regarding the new NCAA softball rule change. This change requires foul poles on institutional fields to be a minimum of ten feet high and painted white
or optic orange; an easy order to fill with the company’s powder coat operation.
And finally, Jaypro Sports continues to evolve its product lines. The NovaTM Club Round Goals
and Classic Club Goals have been upgraded to include their unique Easy TrackTM Net Attachment System. Even better, Jaypro Sports has announced the launch of the NETX1, a seamless lacrosse net designed for flawless play on the field.
For more info on Jaypro visit; or call 800-243-0533
Be Ready
NCAA rules now require softball fields to have foul poles that are a minimum of 10-feet high and painted white or optic orange.
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