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Synthetic turf adhesives for
any weather
High school and col- lege athletic departments have a growing demand to install fields and other recreational surfaces all year. For example, base- ball fields and batting halos may need to be installed or upgraded during the cold winter months to get ready before the start of the season. Other types of fields can often only be installed during the hot summer months, when school is out. So it’s important to use adhesives that can be used in any temperature, whether it’s freezing cold or intense desert heat.
All NORDOT® adhesives can be used in any tempera- ture. They are one-part and easy to use. They will speed up the installation process and deliver long-term dura- bility in all types of climates, regularly outlasting the life of the field.
Outdoor Facility Trends
In 2017, the newest NORDOT® Adhesive, #34R-4(Super) was introduced. Nicknamed the “Killer Turf Adhesive”, #34R-4 (Super) is a one-part, high “green strength” (grab), low-odor, solvent-based curing urethane with a mayonnaise-type consistency. It’s easy to apply and holds trowel ridges, even on vertical surfaces. This was designed to replace hot melt adhesives for installing synthetic turf, and as an outstanding repair and total glue-down adhesive. Its advantages over hot melts include that it takes less time, labor, and equipment to install; it won’t snap cure when cold or take too long to set up on hot days as hot melts will. Its other benefits are that it has excellent fresh- and salt-water resistance; withstands sudden and unexpected rain or snow dur- ing installation; and meets SCAQMD Rule 1168 for outdoor use. Plus, it features a faster installation, fewer (if any) callbacks, more profits, and more referrals from satisfied customers.
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