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Intelligent Solutions
Are you searching for a newer and better way to power your scoreboards?
Now more than ever, athletic programs are striving to implement clean energy solutions to assist in protecting the environment and sustaining natural resources for future generations. Eversan, Inc. can help athletic directors join this initiative and go green with the company’s solar power solution.
With more than 35 years of scoreboard manufacturing experience, Eversan is dedicated to providing high-quality products with cutting-edge technology. Eversan’s solar power solution allows athletic directors to easily power any scoreboard system less than 14 feet long by simply utilizing the energy of the sun--and it continuously charges, whether sunny or overcast, so your scoreboard will always be ready for game day. Eversan’s solar system will power your scoreboard using free renewable energy that is 100 percent off the grid.
Get an Edge for 2018
Eversan’s solar power solution is not only environmentally friendly, it is also more cost-effective than other power options. While having an inadequate power source at their venue may have stopped athletic directors from purchasing scoreboards in the past, Eversan’s solar power solution allows scoreboards to be placed almost anywhere, as there is no need to dig or lay down power lines. Instead, athletic directors can easily attach the solar solution to the scoreboard structure, plug it in, and turn the scoreboard on.
Through decades of extensive research and development, Eversan has the knowledge and expertise to deliver products that will meet any need, from high school sports fields to college and professional stadiums. With technology that is unmatched by competitors, Eversan gives athletic programs the future’s technology, today.
Did You Know?
Eversan is a family owned business and all products are proudly manufactured in the USA. Each Eversan product is also continually updated to incorporate state of the art advanced technology, quality, and user- friendly operations.
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