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Meet your indoor facility needs with a sAteel-frame building system
key facility improvement many college and university athletic directors have on their wish lists is more indoor athletic training
space. For some, having an indoor facility has gone from “nice to have” to “necessary to compete.”
Whether the need is for a new building or adding to an existing structure, certain basic issues have to be resolved for the project to move forward. These include budget, architectural appearance and long-term cost of ownership regarding maintenance, and operating cost. For many schools, the solution to fill all these needs has been a steel-framed building system.
Fort Hays State University
A good example of how a steel-frame building system provided the economical answer for a multi-purpose facility is the Schmidt-Bickle Indoor Training Facility at Fort Hays State University. Administrators were pleasantly surprised when the initial bids for a steel building system came in under the $4.2 million they had raised for the project. The reduced cost saving allowed the school to upgrade the building exterior and provide more meeting space.
The 50,400 sq. ft. building serves as a multi- use training facility for sports such as football, baseball and track. With 186’ clear span framing, the building has a full width, sixty- five-yard-long football field with artificial turf. For track and field training, there is a 70-yard track with jump pits.
Did you know:
Each year, VP supplies approximately 6,000 buildings ranging from 1,200 square feet to more than one million square feet
University of Michigan
Using a steel building system to create a world- class practice facility was the mission for the University of Michigan. With a total building size of over 104,000 square feet, the Al Glick Field House measures 429 ft. x 216 ft. and reaches 85 feet in height.
To allow the steel-framed structure to match the appearance of other nearby campus facilities, the building was designed with masonry and brick walls similar to the existing structures. To provide interior lighting while reducing electrical demand, the building utilizes translucent wall panels and windows.
Both facilities demonstrate the benefit of using a complete building system from Varco Pruden Buildings. Having a single source for the structure, roof and walls provides assurance that all elements of a structure are compatible. And should issues related to maintenance, warranties and replacement arise, they are easier to resolve.
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