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SMuperior Technology is Just the Beginning
usco has shaped the sports lighting industry for more than 40 years, and with its Total Light
Control–TLC for LEDTM technology, it’s shaping the future.
When applied correctly, LED provides many advantages for sports lighting. While there are a number of new LED fixture manufacturers, their performance varies greatly. Same light source, vastly different results.
So what makes the difference?
Musco uses a proven system approach to its LED technology. While others simply manufacture fixtures, TLC for LED features lighting, structural, and electrical components designed to work together, ensuring better performance and reliability for retrofits
and complete solutions from foundation to poletop.
TLC for LED delivers light quality and control that can’t be matched. It’s the result of Musco’s 40 years of research and experience in controlling light. The system’s patented optics and glare control technology results in superior on-field light quality and uniformity without creating glare, while preserving darkness around fields. Additionally, Musco’s revolutionary BallTrackerTM technology optimizes on-field visibility in aerial sports, enabling players to track the entire flight of the ball like never before.
Notre Dame Preparatory High School, Scottsdale, Arizona
Musco’s warranty, support, and service ensure your facility is always ready to play. Its long-term parts and labor warranty means customers don’t have to touch their system for maintenance, or pay for it, for 25 years. And it’s backed by 160 team members–as well as
a network of 1,800 contractors–dedicated to operating and providing on-site maintenance to customer sports lighting systems.
Beyond its superior technology, Musco brings expertise in system planning and design, testing, R&D, and project management. This, along with the remote on/off controls, scheduling, monitoring, and management of Control-Link®, is why the company continues to be the partner of choice on thousands of projects around the world every year.
Eye on the Ball
The revolutionary BallTrackerTM technology from Musco allows players to track the entire of flight of flying balls like never before.
For more info on Musco visit;
or call 800-825-6030
The Latest in Lights
Musco’s TLC for LEDTM technology provides superior on-field light quality without creating glare.
San Diego Padres, Petco Park
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