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Superior Product Development and Design.
As athletes continue to push the boundaries, Spalding® continues to provide new solutions to keep them at their peak performance.
Spalding continues to develop new products to meet customers’ ever-changing needs, offering the highest product quality, superior product design, and integrated product development and distribution.
Spalding is proud to offer the new Arena Renegade and Tournament Portable Backstops. The new Arena Renegade includes some of the same features as the current Spalding Arena® Portable Backstop, but also includes improvements such as a slim profile to provide greater audience visibility. Its more secure and durable structure helps to prevent sway movement, and there is a built-in hidden cable channel on the boom.
The Tournament Portable is designed for large- scale indoor tournament play at high school or recreational levels. Its features include fork pockets to move the unit with a fork
lift or wheels to be easily moved into place. The weight box has 800 pounds of ballast for increased stability. The 24 Tournament Portables will fit on a 53-foot semi-trailer with the backboard and goal racks. The acrylic backboard is 72”x42” and the adjustable goal height goes from 6’10” to 10 feet.
For more info on Spalding visit;
or call 800-435-3865.
New for 2018
Spalding plans to introduce the eight-foot extension version of the New Tournament Portable at the beginning of 2018. The company would also like customers to stay tuned for more as 2018 has a lot to offer.
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