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sharpie. Their custom sublimation tags offer the school logo and number runs or names.
An Equipment Manager from an Atlantic Coast Con- ference school said, “We saved over 600 pairs of socks in just football our first year on the Texon Strap.”
Texon Towel is the nations largest supplier of towels for locker rooms, weight rooms, and athletic training facilities. They offer laundry and shipping carts in multiple sizes and colors. They also stock storage racks. These products are perfect for laundering high school, collegiate, and professional sports teams. For more details about all of Texon Towel’s product line, visit
Get longer life from
sublimated jerseys
VS Athletics is always reviewing the quality of current products and researching new products for its cus- tomers. It is a global company that
Team Equipment Trends
has manufacturing capability in Europe, Central America, and Asia, which allows it to access the highest quality and lowest prices for its customers.
One of the recent trends in uniforms has been sub- limation where instead of screening the logo of the team on top of the uniform, the ink is fused into the fabric. This means the uniform design will last much longer and never peel off. This is a more-involved process, but one that allows teams to custom design their uniform and never have to worry about manu- facturers changing their uniform design.
Another new trend that VS Athletics has been able to lead in is timing. Their new infra- red laser-based timing system sends results directly to coaches’ phones. With advances in research and manufacturing, the company is able to offer custom- ers exceptional products like Dashr at a fraction of the price of similar systems. Soccer, volleyball, football, baseball, softball, and track & field teams are all utilizing the ability to accurately measure the performance of their athletes.
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