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Team Equipment Trends
can create one for you. It welcomes custom orders and is used to meeting tight deadlines. It also offers other accessory equipment and supplies to help your meets go smoothly.
The company also takes pride in being environmentally aware. It has always used low solvent based ink to help cut down on its environmental footprint. And the com- pany prints its race numbers on Tyvek®, which contains 25 percent recycled materials like milk jugs, and can be recycled itself. Learn more at
Three Sports Netting
Safety netting is now extending further down the first and third base lines for the fans’ pro- tection. That’s why C&H Baseball is help- ing facility managers and groundskeepers easily raise and lower their netting, which can improve fan and player inter- action and better prepare a facility for other uses, like a concert. There is no longer a need for a lift because one person on the ground now operates the netting system’s controls.
In 2017, C&H Softball won Coaching Management’s Excellence in Innovation GOLD Award for Softball Facilities with their Dura-Net DV12.5 Softball Back- stop Netting. This is the only netting in the industry specifically designed and manufactured for softball backstop and barrier netting. The net is thinner, knot- less and the mesh size (square size of the net) is 2-1/2” rather than the traditional 1-3/4” square. A larger square mesh means less material, so the price is lower. Plus, spectators can see the game better as there is less distraction from the net.
Netting has traditionally been black, but C&H Baseball now has a variety of colors to choose from. They even provided the new blue nets for the Kansas City Royals, and also offer “backstops in the new green,” which is recommended by Major League Baseball.
C&H Baseball has been one of the industry’s most trusted names in baseball field equipment, backstop netting, and stadium padding design, production, and installation for 50 years. The company strives
to provide quality American-made products using American raw materials and labor. Visit our website for your facility needs.
Choose the right spike
for your track
The top track surfaces being used today offer capabilities and perfor- mance levels unthink- able just a few years ago. But they do not will fit well with traditional track spikes. The long-used “needle” spikes can actu- ally puncture current surfaces, increasing wear, short- ening the track’s useful life, and possibly even voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.
Fortunately, new spikes are available to fill the gap. Ultra-light ceramic spikes from Omni-Lite not only protect the track surface, they can also improve per- formance. Omni-Lite Pyramid spikes are cone shaped with a wider base that narrows down to a blunt point. They are constructed for traction and efficiency, as they compress the track material upon contact.
While Compression Tier spikes (also know as Christ- mas tree spikes) are still somewhat conical in shape, they have a tiered construction and flat tip. They are designed to further compress the track rather than penetrate it. They work well with rubber tracks, since they use the track’s memory (resiliency) for greater energy return to the athlete after compression. Learn more about spike choice at
How to save over 600
pairs of socks
Texon Athletic Towel and Supply offers the Patented Alligator Clip Laundry Strap. Over 90% of Power 5 schools are utilizing this laundry strap for their laundry needs. It is offered in 26 colors and a single or double clip option for holding socks. Each strap comes with a standard ID tag for writing on with a
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