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Team Equipment Trends
sion across the 900 MHz band instead of occupying just a single channel. The system automatically switches to the best frequency when necessary to avoid interfer- ence, providing crystal clear communication. Learn more at
Keeping athletes healthy
Sports Laundry Sys- tems® offer athletic operations what other brands can’t–the abil- ity to not only clean items including jer- seys, towels, helmets, pads, and so on–but to disinfect them. The System teams high-speed washers with high-perfor- mance dryers and ozone injection for unrivaled results. Unique in the athletic industry, Sports Laundry Sys- tems deliver disinfection combined with performance, productivity, efficiency, and quality results.
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Not only do Sports Laundry Systems eliminate 99.9 percent of all superbugs, including MRSA, hepatitis, and HIV, the systems boast unrivaled efficiency–cut- ting water usage by up to 50 percent and hot water usage by 30 percent, when compared with most other laundry solutions. Moreover, the Sports Laundry Sys- tem is the only laundry solution to validate that the proper levels of ozone are reached during the wash cycle, ensuring thorough disinfection. Learn more by accessing the Sports Laundry Systems brochure and website at
Handle more laundry at once
New for 2018, The Laundry Loop PLUS is designed for extreme laundry demands. The Laundry Loop PLUS® is 5-inches longer than the “Original” Laundry Loop, to handle more items and/or bulky garments. And it has two Sock Snares,
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