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Team Equipment Trends is designed to be easy to use with quick access to the Royal team for assistance. Check it out and learn about the Royal Difference.
Make the most of your
storage space
Aurora Storage continues to meet the demands of top athletic facilities with custom designed storage systems, from concept to execution. Overcoming design chal- lenges posed by limited space, shared team storage, or building constraints is the company’s specialty, providing unique solutions to use every bit of available space.
Their mobile systems can reduce overall storage foot- print by 50 percent or more, or allow you to store 100 percent more athletic gear in the space saved. Aurora has designed team storage for golf, cross country, football, basketball, soccer, and tennis. Their storage
Get the equipment storage and transport solutions you need
Royal Basket Trucks knows that no two athletic operations are exactly the same. So they encourage athletic administrators to remem- ber there are no rules when it comes to equipment storage and transport–find the right solu- tion for your application and your environment.
Need special functionality? Let them know, because they do custom solutions. The use of color is often used to identify cart contents or use, so screen printing of logos and text is also available.
To make this process easier, Royal has launched a new website where you can browse their complete product line for mobile solutions to collecting, sorting, storing and transporting of needed and regularly used items.
Innovative Training Systems to Get Better Faster
WHY SPEED MATTERS • Develop Proper Mechanics:
Quickly identify and correct mistakes
• Provide Instant Feedback:
Increase motivation and performance
• Find Ideal Speed Ranges:
Maintain control and consistency	888.381.2672
Multi-Sport Training Tools
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