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Take Batting Practice to the Next Level
The first baseball pitching machines were	Having concluded that the ultimate pitching arm machines. The strength of this	machine should be accurate, have adequate design was in providing some level of	velocity, throw breaking pitches, have fungo vision and timing. The weaknesses were that	capabilities, be portable and above all, it was limited to only fastballs, completely	provide the all important vision and timing, immobile, and carried a concern for safety.	the design team at Sports Attack went to work
The innovation of the wheel machine brought with it the ability to throw curve balls as the ultimate feature, but they required awkward and time-consuming adjustments in order to change the type of pitch. Because they lacked the all important vision and timing feature, two-wheel pitching machines at the higher levels of play were frequently considered just off-season tools, avoided during the season because it was felt they affected a hitter’s sense of timing.
And then Sports Attack introduced the Hack Attack.
to design the Hack Attack.
What made the Hack Attack unique was the use of a third wheel. The location of the three wheels visually opens the ball chute, allowing the hitter to see the ball through acceleration and release, providing complete vision and timing. Breaking pitches are instantly dialed in by simply changing wheel speed. Accuracy and ball control improved dramatically along with a reduction of throwing wheel and ball wear. Ease of vertical and horizontal controls became key for pitch location and fungo work.
Major league coaches are now using a Hack Attack not only all season in every practice, but also prior to games in warm-ups. They are frequently setting the machine to simulate the pitches their hitters will be facing that night. Taking notice, teams at all levels are replacing existing machines with the Hack Attack or Junior Hack Attack.
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User Benefits:
Three-wheel pitching machines let hitters see the ball through the delivery process and offer increased capabilities.
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