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Team Equipment
Markers, Inc. Mikasa Sports USA Molten USA Rawlings Sporting Goods Co., Inc. Russell Athletic Spalding Sports Worldwide Trigon Sports, Inc. Wilson Sporting Goods Co. Wizard Sports Equipment, Inc.
(888) 964-5425
\\Football Helmets & accessories Brain Pad, Inc. BSN Sports
Guardian Caps HelmetFit Iron Neck
(509) 312-0416
Lane Gainer Sports (Shingo ImaraTM) M.A.S.A. Schutt Sports Trigon Sports, Inc.
Vicis Xenith
\\KicKing nets AAE (Aluminum Athletic Equipment Co.) ATEC—Athletic Training Equipment Co. Beam Clay
(800) 247-BEAM
Bison, Inc.
(800) 247-7668
Blazer Athletic Equipment
(800) 322-2731
BSN Sports Future Pro, Inc. Gilman Gear Gourock, Inc.
(877) 803-5123
IPI by Bison
Jaypro Sports
(800) 243-0533
M.A.S.A. Net Connection, Inc. Rogers Athletic Co. Wizard Sports Equipment, Inc.
(888) 964-5425
\\KicKing sHoes Wizard Sports Equipment, Inc.
(888) 964-5425
\\sleds/dummies Beam Clay
(800) 247-BEAM
BSN Sports Gilman Gear Jaypro Sports
(800) 243-0533
MAXX Football by Shoot-A-Way Rogers Athletic Co. The Tug (Competitive Action Sports) Wizard Sports Equipment, Inc.
(888) 964-5425
\\sled trainers Dynamic Fitness & Strength Gill Athletics Gilman Gear
Legend Fitness
M-F Athletic Co.
(800) 556-7464
Super Saver.
Milnor’s 60 lb. capacity 30022 VRJ provides three ways to save: time, energy and water.
That’s good for our environment. And great for you.
Milnor’s E-P Plus® controller has pre-programmed wash formulas built right in to save you time. You can modify formulas or create and save up to 30 of your own. Our extra- large cylinder perforation means linens end the cycle retaining less moisture, speeding up dryer times to save energy. Save water with Milnor’s RinSave® Water Saver technology. The VRJ can even fit through a standard 3’- 0” door, which simplifies installation and saves space. That’s even more savings. Super!
Contact an authorized Milnor distributor or call 504-712-7656 to find out more.	/ pellerinmilnor
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