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Strength & Fitness Trends
Awarded as a top
innovation in NFL
Neck training is often an af- terthought. But it’s important to train the neck so that it is stronger in every possible po- sition and better prepared to defend against whiplash forc- es, both linear and rotational. The Iron Neck is a safe, simple and scalable neck training solution trusted by thousands of coaches, trainers, athletes, physiotherapists, and chiroprac- tors around the world and was recognized by the NFL as one of the top innovations in player safety of 2017. Join the hundreds of high school, college and pro teams improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their neck training proto- cols with Iron Neck. Now available for under $400, there are three models to choose from: Pro, Varsity, and Rehab. Learn more at Team discount pricing is available.
Save space by replacing racks of
Finding enough space training facility is a common problem for schools at all levels. This can make it difficult to find the right area to put a full rack of dumb- bells.
PowerBlock commercial dumbbells could be the solution to this problem. There are five sizes available: 4-32, 10-50, 5-90, 12.5-125, and 12.5-175 pounds per hand. PowerBlocks can replace racks of dumbbells in the space of just one pair and at a fraction of the cost of traditional dumbbells.
With PowerBlock, athletes at IMG Academy in Braden- ton, Fla. can do a variety of exercises without leaving their station. There is no more worry about constantly moving dumbbells or having them loose around the weight room. And groups accomplish more, as two athletes can use a set simultaneously when engaging in single arm exercises.
“We don’t have people walking between stations or through exercises,” says Scott Gadeken, the Academy’s Head of Phys- ical Conditioning. “And everything stays up tempo because there is no waiting for dumbbells. They help us get more done in a safer and more efficient manner.” Learn more at
Use inlaid platforms for a more
efficient weightroom
Abacus Sports Installations, was the first to create the inlaid plat- form frenzy in 2012-2013. This system is for platform-based strength training that greatly enhances the way athletes train.
Abacus has worked with Regupol America to develop fa- cility surfacing for weightrooms, as both have had expo- sure to a large number of coaches and athletes through- out the world. By analyzing issues involved with athletes training on a raised platform, the idea of an Inlaid Plat- form was born. Essentially, the Inlaid Platform is a level surface meant for the dropping of heavy weight by pro- viding protection to the sub-flooring. This system elimi- nates the need for a raised platform, and adds a variety of benefits to any weightroom facility.
Abacus Sports is proud to have been a part of the invention of this product. The company’s expressed hope is to create cleaner, safer, and more effi- cient weightrooms for athletes and coaches in the United States, and around the world.
Celebrate all of your athletes’
Your athletes work hard and their successes should be celebrated. Large boards displaying team records and top performances not only honor the athletes of the past, they also motivate the athletes of today and tomorrow to exceed those achievements.
Athletic record boards from Austin Plastics offers guar- anteed workmanship and long lasting material for all boards. Yet, they are extremely lightweight. For example, a 48” x 48” board weighs only 25 pounds.
The company offers records boards for every sport and if you have a special need or desire a special configuration, custom boards are available upon request. Their boards are designed to allow for easy changes and updates. Plus, sample boards are available at no charge, allowing you to see how the boards are made and making sure that your school colors are displayed correctly. Learn more at
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