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A new, and fun, way to help athletes train
Perform Better has paved the way for Functional Training equipment and education and provides the very best
products and service to anyone who trains or rehabs clients, patients, and athletes. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff is ready to answer any question you may have about product selection and application and they take great pride in making sure they can meet everyone’s needs and budget.
One of the newest products that Perform Better has come out with this year is a unique training tool called The Tread. This is a fun and challenging way to build strength and power and can be flipped, carried, and jumped on. It is constructed of durable foam and heavy-duty vinyl with reinforced top handles, making it easy to perform farmers carries as well. There are three weight options, making these perfect for anyone to use. Plus, they can be used on both rubber and turf. For more information on The Tread, check out www.
New For 2018
Perform Better introduces The Tread, a fun and challenging way to build strength and power.
For more info on Perform Better visit pAetrhfloetrimcMbaentategre.mcoemnt;.cormca|lBlU8Y0ER0’S-G5U5ID6E-2704186F4eb.ruary 111
Text Name/School and “AM1208” to 607-882-1273 for info
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