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We Don’t Always See
Eye to Eye
As brothers it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that we will disagree about things!
But that’s probably a good thing. It helps guarantee that our sound systems have to pass all kinds of tests in terms of their quality, performance and usefullness to you. Octasound started many years ago with an idea pioneered by our father for a speaker system that would incorporate the benefits of 4 horns that project the sound 360° together with a large robust driver to fill out the bottom end of the sound.
40 years later we are still coming up with products based on the principles that started with our father— Give our customers products that are: • easy to use • state of the art performance
• rugged enough to last in tough conditions • easy to install and interconnect • not dependent on complex software
And we’ll continue to confront each other to make sure that you get the very best audio systems in sports!
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