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Sports Field and Gym Solutions
Starting with its invention of patented Wind Weighted® Baseball Tarps in 2004, Aer-Flo, Inc. has developed more than 30
innovative products for sports fields and gyms.
Its exclusive Vipol® Matrix Material became the base material for a new generation of super-tough sports field covers, windscreens, and protectors that last for many years. Vipol Matrix-based brands include: Bench Zone® Sideline and BP Zone® Infield Turf Protectors, Tuffy® Windscreen, Landing Zone® Pit Covers, and Wind Weighted® Infield Protectors.
Tuffy Windscreen proved so durable and aesthetic to tennis courts that in 2011, it became the Official Windscreen of the U.S. Professional Tennis Association. Aer-Flo in 2006 developed Chroma-Bond® Multi-Color Imprinting for Vipol and vinyl based products, a process that brought high resistance to UV fading and standardized pricing to the sports world. The company entered the sports padding market with Aer-Cushion® Gym Wall Pads in 2012 and Stadium Padding in 2015, upgrading them with full vinyl wrapping to fully protect internal foam from rain, an industry first. In 2015 Aer-Flo introduced
its PRO-Tector® Full Infield Cover, the only product of its type with double thick edging and 6,000 lb. seat belt reinforcements.
New for 2018
Aer-Flo products recently introduced two revolutionary products to the sports world. Sensing a need for high-definition imprinting for its wall pads, windscreens, and banners, Aer-Flo invested in the world’s only wide format digital printer with spot clear coating capabilities. Chroma-Bond Digital Imprinting with optional SpotLight® Protective Clear Coat on only the printed areas was introduced in September 2017. The clear coat imparts additional UV and abrasion resistance.
Two months later, Aer-Flo introduced SOL-Aer® Winter Turf Blankets, a vast technical improvement over all competitive winter covers for sports fields.
Same High Quality for All Levels
Aer-Flo sports field covers and windscreens are widely used by Major League Baseball, NFL, and NCAA Division 1 teams; more so than any competitive products. The company prides itself on providing the exact same quality products to high schools across America. The logo says it all: AER-FLO Highest Quality, Innovative Products.
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