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Outdoor Facility Trends
for the Titan system, many questioned that logic. Today, those who invested in an A-Turf field are praising that decision and reaping the benefits. The average life of A-Turf fields is 13.5 years, while many competitors struggle to meet the obligation of the industry-minimum of eight years for a warranty. While some turf companies have come around to offering a 12-year warranty, they include many quali- fiers to protect themselves. Not A-Turf; there are no hidden exemptions.
A careful comparison of all turf systems and an honest assessment of field builders will affirm that A-Turf is the best company and provides the greatest value. You’ll recognize it immediately and appreciate it over the years. A-Turf delivers optimal perfor- mance for athletes and superior value for owners.
Cushion the blow of cuts to
athletic funding
It’s no secret that athletic administrators are being asked to do more with less funding each year. If you’re looking for a fundraiser that’s an easy sell and gen- erates higher revenue, con- sider portable stadium seats from The Stadium Chair Company. By selling imprinted Stadium Chairs, you can cushion the blow of budget cuts and generate big profits for your athletic program or Booster Club.
The Stadium Chair is the best seat in the house. Fans love the comfort and durability. Its rugged frame supports the back, and the bungee straps soften even the hardest bleachers. Parents and fans of all teams will want to own one. Stadium Chairs are now avail- able in two sizes, as a wider version has been intro- duced, which is four inches wider for more ‘elbow’ room.
The Stadium Chair has a two-piece canvas back, which means your dealer can print or embroider on both sides. Use the back of the chair to imprint sponsor logos with your school logo on the front. Plus, they are available in 16 vibrant colors to fit any school’s color needs, and there are two-color options as well.
Take advantage of this profit generating opportu-
nity by selling logo space on the back of the chair to local businesses that support your school community. The more chairs you sell, the greater exposure for the advertiser–and the more you can charge. Learn more at
High-quality, built to-order
The online net- ting calculator makes custom orders easy and there is quick- turnaround on custom net- ting productions. Netting and sports nets are made to your own custom sizing needs, and you can use our online contact form to request a quotation on more highly-specialized shapes or sizing considerations.
Barrier netting, impact nets, netting enclosures, and protective nets are available to be produced to custom sizes and dimensions. There are netting options for all sports including baseball/softball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, golf, hockey, lacrosse, and more. Nets for indoor and outdoor installations are available.
Gourock specializes in high-quality, built to-order cus- tom netting products with American-Made materials/ craftsmanship. From general barrier and divider nets to very custom sizes, shapes, and enclosures, Gourock. com is your dependable solution for netting products.
Standard of excellence for baseball and softball supplies
BEAM CLAY® has all-natural DEEP RED infield mixes for all 50 states from plants across the USA, plus red mound/batter’s box clay and red warning track. BEAM CLAY® infield mixes are low in silt and very fine sand content. Silt and very fine sands separate and just wash or blow away and need to be replaced again each year. Silt and very fine sands cause poor drainage (muddy infields when wet and slow to dry) and separation (very hard infields when dry yet dusty with lots of wind and water erosion).
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