Volume Control for Athletic Facilities - Creating Ideal Acoustic Conditions with Eckel EFPs

December 7, 2017


For more than 60 years, Eckel Noise Control Technologies has been at the forefront of acoustic development, providing state of the art noise control products that create optimal sound environments.



Our patented Eckoustic Functional Panels (EFPs) are designed to provide effective control of reverberation and background noise in a variety of athletic and recreational settings.

Think of it as volume control for your facility.

Gyms, indoor pools and other athletic and recreational facilities can be very noisy. Squeaky sneakers, bouncing basketballs, swimming and splashing, and the ruckus of athletic exuberance can all add up to an unintelligible mass of noise. That noise can be distracting at best, and unsafe at worst.

With Eckel EFPs, you can lower the noise without lowering the energy. Plus, they can turn a gym into a multi-purpose space to accommodate meetings, lectures, multimedia presentations, concerts and more. Our high-performance, sound-absorbing and fire-resistant EFPs can be spot located on walls or ceilings to achieve effective noise control to fit a range of functions.

Eckel EFPs are:

Durable: A patented design incorporates high-strength metals with a structural sub-frame to provide excellent acoustic performance and structural integrity for years.

Attractive: The architectural design harmonizes with the interiors of gyms, swimming pools and other athletic and recreational facilities.

Easy Practical Installation: Since the functional arrangement of the EFPs requires that less than 25-30% of the reflective surface be covered, the panels can be installed without relocating existing sprinklers, lights or ventilation outlets.

Economical: EFPs offer superior sound absorption, which means fewer panels are required to achieve the desired results. And, fewer panels mean greater cost savings.

Low Maintenance: EFPs require little or no maintenance. They can be cleaned by wiping down with common household surface cleaners or warm water and liquid dishwasher detergent.

Our designs offer architects and acoustic consultants a vast range of options to select from to satisfy almost any noise control requirement. Our engineering support services include comprehensive acoustic analysis.

Contact Eckel today and let us show you how to turn your facility into a more enjoyable and productive space.


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